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10 World Health Day Ideas for Work

10 World Health Day Ideas for Work

Looking to foster a working environment that prioritizes the health and wellbeing of staff?

Take a read of these 10 World Health Day Ideas for Work to find out how.

What the ideal working world should look like

Have you ever worked in an environment that just doesn’t prioritize your health and wellbeing? Yep, we’ve pretty much all been there and it’s really not healthy or stable for our long-term wellness. If you’ve experienced this first-hand, it won’t come as a shock to know that according to the Mental Health Foundation, ‘1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace’. That’s a really high figure (14.7% to be exact) and is something that we all need to tackle together. 

Maybe you’ve reached this article as an employee looking for ways to improve the wellbeing of your colleagues. Or, you might even be a senior leader in a school looking for ways to help your staff members feel calm and ready to teach. Wherever you’ve come from, we’re glad you’re taking proactive steps to make your workplace a happier, healthier place for everyone. 

Let’s take a little look at World Health Day, followed by some ideas for the workplace that’re really easy to implement across the whole year.

When is World Health Day 2023? 

World Health Day is held on the 7th of April each year. Founded by the World Health Organization in 1950, it aims to give people opportunities to look after their own health, improve their understanding of health coverage and make healthcare a reality for all. 

When relating this to the workplace, this can cover both physical and mental health (as both are equally important). To make employees feel respected and valued, organizations can use World Health Day to kickstart programs that support staff members. 

By taking steps to prioritize health and wellbeing, you’ll have happier staff members and save money in the process!

Here are 10 World Health Day ideas for work: 

1. Offer a duvet day

Ever heard of a duvet day? If not, it’s basically an extra day off that employees can take whenever they’d like throughout the year. They don’t have to be sick to take this and it doesn’t count towards their annual leave entitlement. A duvet day allows employees to unwind, relax and enjoy a day off with no questions asked.

2. Give people a sense of purpose

Having a sense of purpose at work can give people direction, goals to work towards and feelings of intention. Having a career that encourages goal-setting can really drive positive mental health in the workplace. 

3. Make it easy for staff to book medical appointments

Too often, we don’t actively prioritize our physical health when concerns arise. And, when many people do try to book a health appointment, there’s the added stress-factor of trying to get this time off work. 

If you’re a manager, senior leader or director of an organization, have you ever considered factoring this into your wellbeing policies at work? You could let staff take paid leave for appointments, or even build in flextime for employees to work around these appointments. 

4. Inspire creativity

Mental health and wellbeing can be boosted in the workplace through fostering creativity. In the corporate world in particular, some people might feel detached from their creative side. To provide a more productive and innovative work environment, ensure there are creative spaces, give employees time to work on projects, embed creativity into your core values and offer training for creative programs.

5. Promote a balanced diet

Are treats, chocolates and snacks circulating the office or staffroom every day? Yep, we’ve probably all been there and had one too many at work! Although treats are a lovely way to get you through your day, it’s important you have these in balance with the other food types to ensure you eat well

For some ideas for the workplace, why not have a bring-and-share lunch for colleagues? Try to bring foods that’re low in fat, salt and sugar, as well as incorporating those all-important veggies, too. For a breakfast bring-and-share, incorporate fresh fruits and smoothies – a great way to give you energy, prevent fatigue and catch-up with colleagues!

6. Prioritize having a safe working environment

Taking breaks in the workplace has lots of health benefits that can’t be ignored; better concentration levels, improved creativity and higher engagement levels are all things that boost our morale at work. As well as this, it’s also important to make sure the physical environment is a safe one. Employees should have access to equipment that won’t cause work-related injuries, and referrals to Occupational Health should be put in place to support employees if needed.

7. Invest in first aid training

World Health day aims to promote everyone around the world having equal access to healthcare and training. Why not book a first aid course  for employees at your workplace? Having knowledge of the key first aid steps is vital in stabilizing injuries. Not only can this be used to help keep people safe at work, but also in the outside world. 

8. Offer mental health support groups

Offering mental health support groups is a great World Health Day idea for work. They can be vital in supporting staff with mental health challenges that they might be facing, or may face in the future. You can create a safe space where staff members can come together, share their thoughts without judgement, and take away some Mental Wellbeing resources that give practical advice and tips for prioritizing their mental health. Your group facilitator can even be trained as a mental health first-aider to provide ongoing support throughout the year.

9. Raise money for health organizations and charities

Although our own health is vitally important, World Health day is all about the whole worldWhy not fundraise during this awareness day at your workplace for a health charity that needs your support? By transforming the lives of others through fundraising efforts, your workplace will be upholding those key moral values that we all want to be part of.

10. Encourage staff to be active

Let’s be honest, once you’ve got home from your long day at work, it can feel hard finding the motivation to stay active. Why not encourage staff by setting up your own yoga class at work for people to get involved in? For remote workers, this can be hosted with a live link to join from the comfort of their own home.

You could even host a fitness challenge that staff can get involved in, such as running or walking challenges throughout the working day.

By taking these pointers on board, you’ll be contributing to the success of both your employees’ health and also the success of your organization or company. By focusing on the health of those at work, you’re more likely to retain staff and increase workplace satisfaction where everyone feels valued. 


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