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Good Health is Good Business
Choosing the best way to improve your employees’ health and well-being is a winning business strategy.​
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Comprehensive on-Site Health Services for Preventative and Diagnostic Care
Benefit from extensive positive impacts of employee health across your entire organization.
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Take a Data-Driven Approach to Employee Health at Your Company
Record, monitor, and analyze your company health with our powerful employee health management platform.
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about everywhere clinic

Health Center at Your Corporate

Companies subscribed to our service will be visited regularly by a team comprised of a general practitioner, a dentist, two nurses, and equipment enough for serving 200 employees.

Once set up in a company, the mobile clinic will give critical care assessments, diagnostic recommendations, referrals, vaccinations, drug tests, and COVID tests to employees.

Employee Health Is the Foundation of Your Business

Individual Health and Performance Improvements

Direct and Indirect Healthcare Savings

More Engaged Employees

Positive Company Culture

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Rapidly-Deployable Clinic

An EverywhereClinic van loaded with key supplies, deployable tents, basic equipment, and clinicians enough to support 200 or more employees on a single visit.

Tech-Enabled Care

EverywhereClinic Software enables employees to keep track of their health records, get test results, follow best practices, and get reminders from the privacy of their phone.

Corporate Health Management

Managers can quickly see a general health metric for their whole team, confirm individual drug test results or vaccination records, or make crucial decisions based on the recorded data whenever needed.

General Health Assessment

Visiting your employees, we detect even minor symptoms and offer basic care practices to help prevent worsening health conditions or avoid spread of a contagious disease.

Detection of Critical Cases

Our clinicians provide full spectrum of care and in case of facing an employee with critical health conditions, they will refer them to appropriate specialists.

Low Costs for Employers

A large part of the cost for our service is subsidized by existing benefits already provided by most benefits plans and by provincial health plans in Canada.

Following health and safety protocols is our number one rule!

Our team

Dr. Mohammad Seifrabiee
Chief Executive Officer
  • Leads strategic direction, owns corporate development, and is responsible for iterating on the company’s 5 growth plan.
  • Mohammad is GP and a community medicine specialist.
  • Mohammad has a background in health promotion and preventative care.
Dr. Hadiseh Zakeridana
Chief Operating Officer
  • Leads and oversees the company’s operations, enacts operating policies, and operationalizes the company’s strategic direction
  • Hadiseh is a pathologist by the background.
  • Hadiseh operated large blood and urine test labs and performed mass drug test operations.
Mr. Javad Ghanbari
Chief Financial Officer
  • Leads company accounting and budgeting.
  • Javad has a background in finance.
  • He has been a financial affairs manager and director of internal audits in large firms.
Dr. Ali Esparham
Business Development
  • Leads company business development initiatives, and clinician partnerships.
  • Ali is a GP and radiology specialist by background.
  • Ali built a business in imaging and diagnostics prior to joining EverywehereClinic.
Dr. Maryam Rahrotaban
Dental Lead
  • Responsible for all aspects of the dental experience, and partner success in this domain.
  • Maryam is a dentist by background and an implant specialist.
  • Maryam grew her own dental practice in Iran with a focus on preventative methodologies serving the working population.

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