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How do you improve employee motivation? 10 tips for a motivated workforce

How do you improve employee motivation? 10 tips for a motivated workforce

By: Dr. Seifrabiee

It comes as no surprise that implementing employee motivation techniques encourages people to work productively and results in better revenue outcomes. Here we introduce 10 effective ways to motivate employees in their workplaces.

1. Lead with vision

Everyone wants to know that their efforts are driving towards something. What’s the next step? What does success look like for the company? A destination helps to motivate the journey, so make sure the vision for the company is clear.

2. Make sure everyone understands the ‘why’

Your employees will know what needs to be done, but you need to explain further; you need to communicate the ‘why’ of each task. The why is the company’s overall mission. If everyone knows how their individual actions can personally add to the overall goal of the company, it brings much-needed motivation to even the most simple task.

3. Set frequent clear targets

You obviously have big targets that you want to hit as a company, but smaller goals are the key to motivation. All goals should add to the overall target, but breaking this into more attainable chunks feels less overwhelming. If employees are frequently hitting targets, the feeling of satisfaction grows and will act as a great motivator to continue on to the next set of goals.

4. Recognize and reward great work

Employees need to know that their managers appreciate their hard work. Giving well-deserved recognition not only increases self-esteem but also enthusiasm and team morale.

A recognition platform is an effective tool to celebrate star performers who embody your company values. However, for more special occasions, such as a 10-year work anniversary or employee of the month, we recommend going a step further and rewarding your teams.

The reward doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary, it could be a gesture, such as giving them a day off. Rewards are particularly good promoters of motivation and job satisfaction. So if you want to encourage your employees to go the extra mile, make their effort worth it with a gift or thoughtful act.

5. Give your team autonomy

Time is precious. So when we don’t feel in control of our time and energy, motivation levels can really drop. Allowing for some elements of freedom in the workplace, whether that’s flexible working hours or unlimited time off, demonstrates trust from leaders to employees. This adds motivation, as the satisfaction of a job well done comes with the feeling that they were in control and did it on their terms.

6. Create a welcoming work environment

No one wants to sit in a gloomy office and desperately wait for home time every day. If workplaces create a friendly culture, with areas for rest and play, employees will look forward to coming into work. The saying ‘work hard, play hard’ is important here. As motivation and mood go hand in hand, a poor mood can affect the ability to concentrate and will lower the feeling of energy in the workplace.

7. Offer impressive benefits

Make everyone feel that they are working in the best place they can be. Offering employee benefits and perks,  that aim to make your people’s lives better both in and outside of work, helps to boost the mood and sense of loyalty to the company.

8. Encourage teamwork

Collaboration between teams in the company allows ideas to be developed further. Working with those with different skill sets will, in turn, create more innovative results. In teams, there’s power in numbers and anyone experiencing a lack of motivation should be boosted by those around them.

9. Create a career path

No one wants to be static for long. We all want to know that we are going somewhere and focus on that next step. Ask employees what they want from their career, and lay out what they need to do to get there. Have growth conversations with team members to design a career path; this will help to create the drive to reach the next stage and feel that they have a long and productive journey ahead within the company.

10. Support employee wellbeing

When organizations are implementing motivation strategies, they often overlook wellbeing.

There’s no dispute that using rewards as an incentive is a great motivator. However, if an employee is feeling tired or overwhelmed they won’t produce their best work – no matter how hard they try.

Taking a well-rounded approach to wellbeing, so addressing your teams’ mental, emotional, and physical health is a great way of keeping them healthy, happy, and at the top of their game.


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